The Entire Country Is In Debt

You Should Be In The Debt Business

This Is The Biggest, Yet Most Unknown, Money-Making Secret In America!

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Did you know:

  • Judgment Recovery is a massive $200-Billion a year industry hardly anyone knows about to this day! No matter what part of the country you live in – with the right knowledge and instruction – you can make a “killing” without competition!
  • People will stand in line and beg you to take their money! Because this valuable service is in high demand and low supply. And, of course, very profitable
  • The entire business is conducted from home using telephone, mail, fax and computer! In many instances, you never have to leave your house. It’s simple.  It’s easy.  And it’s fun.
  • You can “work” – play is more like it – two hours a day and earn as much as $10,000 or more per month from the comfort and privacy of your home.
  • Unlike other opportunities, in this business, you can create triple and quadruple digit returns with zero risk!
  • As long as people are in debt, this business will always be around. It just might be the most secure and consistent profit-making business in the world!

This business thrives in any economic situation. In fact, the worse the economy gets the better! It is truly…

A Real Recession-Proof Business You Can Count On For Huge Profits!

Al has personally made millions upon millions of dollars in this amazing business. What’s more, for over 20 years, he has taught thousands of average people how to take full control of their financial situation using his money-making secrets.  In this lucrative business there is…

  • No prior experience or education needed!
  • No selling involved!
  • No inventory!
  • No licenses, certifications or special equipment!
  • No office or costly overhead!
  • No more bosses or worrying about the economy!
  • No more false promises that never materialize


  • The same tools will make your audience better real estate investors!
  • You will Learn how to Screen Tenants
  • You will Learn how to Background Potential Employees or Business Partners
  • You will Learn how to locate owners of abandoned property
  • You can learn to identify Pre-Foreclosures weeks and months before anyone else, and

Al Schweitzer is America’s most influential judgment recovery expert and private investigator extraordinaire

Don’t get on his bad side. . .

In the 1980s, Schweitzer had been working on various asset investigations for Trammel Crow.  It was during that time he discovered the courthouses were full of uncollected judgments.  Seeing the obvious opportunity, Al learning the paperwork process for collecting judgments and as far as finding assets, well that’s specialty.  TaDa – the judgment recovery industry was born!  Al authored his learning course, “Courtcash”, and once it came to market, it grew like wildfire.  The industry created by Al has literally become a goldmine.

Learn how to turn the process of judgment recovery into a huge money-making opportunity. Like Schweitzer, you will learn all the necessary processes and paperwork involved in the recovery of a judgment, and soon discover that finding assets are the secret to your success.   Since authoring the original course on the subject of judgment recovery, Schweitzer has trained people just like you how they can recover judgments and turn their knowledge of the judgment recovery industry into a very lucrative business.

Many people are caught in a bad cycle of robbing Peter to pay Paul. They borrow money each month from one source in order to pay the minimum payments on other items. Or they use the cash they have to pay the minimum payments, and put all living expenses on the credit cards. At some point, something will usually happen that will cause the plan to come crashing down.

So what do you do when you can’t pay your bills?

You attend the WEBINAR with AL SCHWEITZER on Tuesday December 15 at 7pm pacific and learn how to create another source of income!

Click here to register

The Country is in debt, stuck in a continuous cycle of living month to month, if that.  The end of that cycle is difficult to predict.  Most everyone is operating in a survival mode, living day-to-day; not paying off debt; not saving for the future.  That mode alone could further crush our economy.


Al is the one responsible for the creation of the judgment recovery industry, a more than 200 billion dollar industry.  Judgments have been in existence since the beginning of our legal system. Yet, very few know about judgments or what the definition of a judgment is. IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT JUDGMENTS ARE NOT COLLECTIONS!  As an expert in the Judgment Recovery business, Al will explain the history of Judgment Recovery, the definition of a judgment and how you can begin your own Judgment Recovery business.

This could very easily be the best way to get of out the vicious living month to month cycle.  It most definitely will get you out of survival mode.  Don’t miss out on what could the best opportunity you’ve heard this year.

Click here to register.

Testimonials about Al’s materials –

Recommended on LinkedIn – 09/18/2008 – Dr. RG Williams – I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.. “I have had the pleasure of working with Al on a couple of projects. Each time my experience working with him has been successful and educational. Al brings years of experience to every meeting,  He has tremendous wisdom and is willing to share it. I look forward to working with him again.

Recommended on Naymz – 07/17/08 – Mr. William A. Furniss – I have had the pleasure of working with Allen for several years, and am constantly impressed with his ability to motivate people to achieve the best in themselves. He is a natural leader and gifted instructor. Allen has deep integrity, a passion for learning, and is a man I deeply respect and admire.

Recommended on Naymz – 07/03/08 – Kelly Sobke – Allen is very knowledgeable in his field. I have enjoyed his trainings I have been privileged enough in which to partake. I know I still have a Great deal to learn from him. I am honored to be included in his circle.

In A Note To Jeff Adams – 07/20/07 – William Bronchick – Al Schweitzer kicks a**.  He sells a judgment lien course (way before Mike Warren) and closes 40% of your audience.  He used to do Whitney.  He did a BIG close at my event.”

At The Las Vegas Seminar’s Seminar – 05/03/07 – Dr. Donald Moine, PhD, Author, Sales and Marketing Psychologist, tells the audience after hearing Al speak… “He (Al) is one in a million.”

He is a media favorite: :

“You can get anything on anybody . . you are a very dangerous man”, states Oprah Winfrey on the topic of Privacy and Information Security

KUSA refers to Schweitzer as “the most dangerous man in America”

Playboy Magazine refers to Schweitzer as “the Country’s premier information gatherer”

USA Today calls Schweitzer “a real world one man mission impossible”

KIRO simply states, “he is the best in the world” in an interview with Schweitzer

Pierce County Herald writes, “If information is power, than Al Schweitzer is Hercules”

KCAL calls Schweitzer a “super sleuth”

Privacy for Sale by Rothfeder, writes “Al Schweitzer is the man who knows too much”

The Bureau, Inside the Modern FBI by Diarmuid Jeffreys, states, “Schweitzer’s techniques and tools belong firmly in the late twentieth century”

KIRO simply states, “he is the best in the world” in an interview with Schweitzer

Pierce County Herald writes, “If information is power, than Al Schweitzer is Hercules

Dec 15th 7 pm Pacific – Click here to register.

Hosted by Real Estate Investors Club of LA

And Phyllis Rockower, President and Founder


Written by Al Schweitzer

December 9, 2009 at 2:45 pm

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