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Video Professor Mysteriously closes business?

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If you watch any amount of television, you have then surely seen the CEO of Video Professor, John Scherer hawking his various “How To” computer lessons. Well according to various news reports, the corporate headquarters in Lakewood, Co has shuttered its operations; employees have been laid off, there no cars in the parking lot, calls to the company are answered by auto attendant. It leaves me wondering what lead to the sudden closing?

I have consulted to Video Professor as it relates to infomercial marketing as well as business opportunity infomercials, as well as provided investigative services to both the company Video Professor, and to John Scherer for his other business interests as well as his personal issues. I haven’t spoke to Scherer in over a year, as it was almost a year ago exactly that John Scherer stuck me for an invoice in the 10’s of thousands of dollars, as well as failed to pay me a bonus that was due at the end of a long and successful investigation.

If anyone can shed any light on the happenings at Video Professor , we would love to know…


Written by Al Schweitzer

June 13, 2010 at 1:31 pm

Encore Presentation

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Sandy Grason is throwing an Encore Presentation of her fabulous Got B.A.L.L.S.? party!

So, if you missed the party Monday night, check this out:

Today! Thursday, February 25th at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET

She’ll be doing it LIVE again and would love to answer any questions you might have!   And really, who doesn’t need another cocktail party?!


See you there!

No need to register, click here for the details

Got B.A.L.L.S.? Encore Presentation
Thursday, February 25th at 12:00pm Pacific
Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)
To attend this event click this link now…

Have a great day!

Here’s the information again:

EVENT: Got B.A.L.L.S. ? Encore Presentation
DATE & TIME: Thursday, February 25th at 12:00pm Pacific
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)

Written by Al Schweitzer

February 25, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Clear Your Calendars Now

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I have FINALLY arranged the webinar that is going to "shed the light" on who is REALLY cashing in on the foreclosure
epidemic that is sweeping the country.

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My special guest has been perfecting a system over the past 6 years that has made him big prof.its in preforeclosures.

The difference is, my guest is going to let you blatantly copy his ENTIRE system:

Use HIS website
Use HIS national brand
Use HIS professionally written postcards and letters
Use HIS negotiators
Use HIS business model

Whether you're a newbie trying to do your first deal, or a seasoned veteran looking for an edge to do another
6-10 deals this year, the webinar this Thursday, February 25th at 9pm EST is going to change your
entire view of preforeclosures.

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In fact, my guest has been mining TENS of THOUSANDS of his own preforeclosure leads over the past 5 years.  He
recently shared some of the data with me, and I was SHOCKED to say the least.

He has hard facts to back up information about homeowners facing foreclosure that you would never realize.

The best part is that his system shows you ways to monetize your preforeclosure leads that go WAY BEYOND
"just" doing short sales.

To register for the webinar that will totally change the way you look at preforeclosures, just go here:

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My guest is RARELY on webinars, because he's been quietly underground doing deals and making big pro.fits while
doing "less work than ever before".

Come and learn this Thursday, February 25th when the world of preforeclosures gets turned upside down.

I'll "see" you on the webinar this Thursday night at 9pm EST.

Happy Investing,


PS- My guest wanted me to give you a FR'EE copy of his Special Report, "The Mortgage Meltdown Manifesto"
just for registering for the webinar.  The Special Report is better than most home study courses you have to pay for, so register now and download it.

Click here!

Register now for our webinar this Thursday night, February 25th at 9pm EST.

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Written by Al Schweitzer

February 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Fab Formula 2.0 is LIVE

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Today is the day Sandy Grason’s The Fabulous Formula 2.0 goes LIVE! She is now Officially open for registration…here’s the link:

A quick warning… and I don’t want to seem all hypey, but there is a lot of interest in this fabulous program. They’ve had over 2,500 people watch the pre-launch videos. And look at the 300 blog comments in the last two weeks for the video case studies and the Magnificent Moment contest. It’s truly awesome…. The bottom line is they have a ton of groovy people just waiting for the doors to open today. If you think The Fabulous Formula 2.0 is for you, then you need to go take a look now. You see the doors are only open for the six days; Yep, thru February 28th at midnight.
That’s because this in depth, power packed training starts Monday March 1st. Sandy is taking everyone through this program TOGETHER. You will NOT be left behind in this one. Here’s a brief Summary of what you get for the awesome price. – You start with Phase 1 – Live Fabulous Now with five modules that shows you everything that you need to know to live your life with B.A.L.L.S. and win big in your business.

Then you get Phase 2 – Coin and Kwan with six modules that shows you how to ROCK your business, monetize your investment in yourself, and earn the living your want and deserve.

Next you have the Awesome bonus package with LIVE Q&A support from me, my exclusive Empire Chart video training, plus videos showing you just how to speak live from the stage, coach and consult, write, create your information products (and a ton more).
– Finally you have two Fast Action Bonuses for the first twenty-students who join the Fabulous Formula 2.0.
Here’s the link

This really is a fantastic course taught by a world class teacher (and groovy lady).

Check out the Fabulous Formula 2.0…

Are YOU ready to Rock?

Written by Al Schweitzer

February 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm

How YOU Can Get Everything You Want In Business and In Life

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Sandy Grason is doing it again.

Over the last two weeks she released FOUR!, count ‘em FOUR case study videos showing you just how you can ROCK your business to the TOP.

The comments on her blog for these fun, fantastic, and free videos was over the top.

Now Sandy’s hosting another content rich webinar, or as she likes to put it, “THE Virtual Cocktail Party, aka webinar, of the new decade.”

Monday night, February 22nd: Be there or be, well…less than fabulous.

The name of the Virtual Cocktail Party-Got B.A.L.L.S? “(How ballsy is that?)

Having B.A.L.L.S. Helped Sandy Get Everything she Wanted in Business and in Life.

And YOU can too.

B = Belief
A = Authenticity
L = Let’s Get Loud
L = Licious-ness
S = Super-Hero

Here’s YOUR personal invite to THE Virtual Cocktail Party, aka webinar, of the new decade.

P.S. – I’ll be there just waiting to hear what this dynamic lady is gonna say next…and what secrets she’ll reveal about rockin’ my business to the TOP.

See ya’ Monday night.

Here’s YOUR personal invite to THE Virtual Cocktail Party, aka webinar, of the new decade.

Written by Al Schweitzer

February 21, 2010 at 8:09 pm

Step Into Your Greatness

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“Putting It All Together,” Sandy Grason’s latest (and last) case study video in the series is up and OUT!

Sandy’s video case studies have caused quite the stir these past few weeks. Twitter’s been chirping’, the net’s been buzzin’, and Facebook’s been flappin’.

Click here .

And for good reason. Sandy Grason has the knack for transforming You and Your business in THE most fun and fabulous way.

She’s the First Lady of Fabulous, international speaker, and Rock Star author.

This girl is hot and so are her videos.

Her latest video really gives you THE tool to know “the ONE thing you need to do to make the greatest difference in your bank account (or your business, or your future).

Click here now .

So check out Sandy’s great video.

It totally Rocks.

Best Regards,

PS Sandy’s all about doing meaningful work in the world with people you love.

Watch now, you’ll thank me later.

Click here .

Written by Al Schweitzer

February 19, 2010 at 5:17 pm

The Four KEY Elements Every Mastermind Has to Have

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I just finished watching a new all-content case study video from the amazing Sandy Grason (this girl is fun…and wise). Check it out . She is really going all out this time. Just fabulous content… and amazing production quality on the video. Go take a look now – Check it out . This is the third in a series of free videos she created just so you can ROCK you business to the next level. It’s a killer video loaded with some great action steps you can use right now to get better results in YOUR business and your LIFE. Only as Sandy can tell it, too. Check it out .

All the best,


P.S. It’s a long video. But it’s worth it – 30 minutes of pure content and no sales pitch. … do check Sandy’s video out, right here .

Written by Al Schweitzer

February 15, 2010 at 7:41 pm